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More of good for your skin

Remember this? Remember the products that they gave us for free? Just a random thought came to me again.

It’s summer. Temperature’s rising. The sun’s heat is intense. I admit that at first, I never really cared about the stuff that they gave us until I realized that their giveaway is such a big help to me especially that I am more exposed to the sun now compared to the other summers of my life. That’s why I recommended this to my friend because he too, is exposed to the sun on their construction site.


But he exclaimed that sun blocks are for maaarte’s only and that we should get used to being exposed like that. I contradicted him by saying that using sunblock is for the skin and not for people to think that you are sossy or whatever. Besides no one would know that you are using a sunblock unless you broadcast it to every person you meet on the street. I’m glad that he got my point. That this intense heat from the sun is not normal anymore. A lot of skin diseases have been occurring and who knows who will its next victim be. It’s still better to be prepared than sorry.

Losing weight?

My mom woke me up at 5:30am today asking me if I would join Papa and Marxi to go jogging. Since I don’t have class today, I took it as a chance to bond with them and at least burn some calories. 🙂

Because time after time, somebody would come into me and blurt out that I am getting fat. I always reply a short, “Really? Again?” jokingly though I know deep inside that it’s not good. That’s why, whenever possible, I try to exercise. But is exercising really the only way to lose weight?

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There’s this diet pill that will enhance the effect of exercise and diet. While we try our best to burn fat, this pill can help us to double the effect of execrcise only.

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