Loving themes

Well, actually, it’s not the theme which I really love but the process of making it or should I say, customizing; because I am not really the one who makes the themes, I am just customizing it according to my taste. I just changed this blog’s theme and now I am looking for Tumblr themes for my Tagalog/super personal blog (haha! super!) And then I am making a simple header for Bea’s first ever WordPress blog. She entrusted me with the beautification of her blog so let’s just see if she’ll like it. Haha!

Here’s my Tumblr blog’s layout:

Black and white with a static sidebar or whatever it is called. I’ve always wanted to have a theme like this, especially the fixed sidebar. It’s really ard to find such theme because pastel colors and playful fonts are the trends in Tumblr so I was really happy when I saw this one and immediately installed it to my blog. Thanks to LMThemes for this one. 🙂

Meanwhile, in WordPress:

Our themes somehow looks the same because of the colors but not on the layout. is a two-columned theme also but much simpler. The sidebar isn’t fixed and it has a “customizable” header which I haven’t checked if my Tumblr has. If it does, I’ll surely make L the header. 🙂 The fonts are plain too unlike mine in which the first letter’s size differ from the rest of the title, just like what Nadine designed to my Alive and Awkward blog, 🙂

  • What can you cay about the newly installed themes?
  • Are they okay?
  • Do you know where can I find more themes like these?

Hacked and Restored

I was at the mall with Bea last June 6 for a date because she just got her first ever real job pay. Prior to my plan of buying a new phone, we decided to window shop on SM MegaMall’s CyberZone where tons of gadgets are available. I already spotted some cool phones but I still can’t withdraw my Paypal funds so I can’t buy any yet and we just decided to try the phones at Jump.

I browsed the internet in one of the vacant MacBookPro there and typed this website’s address. I always do that when I am on a free WiFi spot, I visit most of my blogs and leave them open. 🙂 But to my surprise, princessdiaries.info never looked the way I last saw it because it was directed to a YouTube site where a Photoshop tutorial is being shown. At first I thought maybe some sites were blocked in that shop’s PC connection or whatsoever so I just transferred to this iPhone thingy and typed the address there. Again, the YouTube site appeared. That was the time I asked Bea, who is busy using a Samsung laptop to send a message to Nadine the Master about my worries.

I haven’t got the time to wait for her reply and I went home worried about this blog. I texted Nadine again, careful not to annoy her of my queries but I can’t help it so I commented on her post in Facebook and luckily, she replied there. She actually was working on the hacked sites at that time and I am relieved when she told me that she’s working on restoring mine. She’s my hero, really. 🙂 I entered the blogging world with just the ability to share my thoughts and the other skills were taught by her.

I am very thankful that this blog is restored though I don’t understand why the photos aren’t visible anyways now I can publish the posts I made in Notepad. So hi! Thanks for visiting!

Customizing new blog’s theme

Okay, so somehow this post is a way of promoting my new blog. Hehe! It’s been up for days but I don’t have the time to update it so now, I am organizing its theme and hopefully make my first post on it.

I made a customized header but for some unknown reasons it doesn’t appear in the blog properly. I mean, it doesn’t fit the header part of the theme. I tried all sizes even the size that WordPress requires but it is either too big that the image is cropped or too small that a black space is always beside it.

I really want that the header that I made be the header of that blog but I am no theme expert to make it happen. I also don’t have the money to buy a customized theme. I hope my theme addict friends would help me on this. Please!

Farewell dear domain

I almost forgot about it until I lack of ideas on what to post and I decided to browse on my other blogs. To my surprise I saw one of my Tumblr blogs under abegaillayosa.com and discovered that it’s under a parked domain. Yes, my crushed-diamond(dot)info already expired without me noticing it. I even had its badge on my blogs, I suppose I have to remove them now. 🙁

I don’t know how to react. I feel ashamed of myself being unable to update that blog and then letting its domain expire just like that. The fact that I won it from the very first online giveaway that I joined made my regret grow even higher. I don’t have the face to show to Nadine now that I haven’t done anything worthwhile with the domain that she gave me. 🙁

And I am even planning of buying a new domain! Anyway, I already have a plan with that so I am sure that I can keep that updated and hopefully renew it every year. And for the blog that crushed-diamond left, I still run it under http://yourtextquotes.tumblr.com/ and I just made a few posts in it.



I feel like I just spent the most boring week ever in my life. I have been doing the same things every day for almost a month and it finally took its toll on me.

So here is my routine in bullets:

  • Wake up 8am
  • Eat breakfast. Take a bath. Get dressed.
  • Reach site office at around 10am.
  • Lunch break at 12pm.
  • Go to school 5pm.
  • Go home 9pm.
  • Read Catching Fire ’til I sleep.

Reading this even made me feel lazy that I paused for like 30 minutes before resuming to write. I need inspiration again. 🙁

Babyvox First Blog Giveaway!

It’s nice to know that there are so many kind-hearted bloggers who willingly share their blessings. I’ve joined I think three giveaways this month. This one being the third. I just can’t ignore the awesome prizes that are at stake especially in this giveaway. I fell in love at first sight with the candy bag and the magnets are so cute!! And of course, I have been wanting a new domain since my crushed-diamond.info expired and I am really in need of cash right now for Owl City’s upcoming album. These giveaway came at the right time indeed.

I really hope that I can win, if not in all (hahaha!), at least to any of these.

You can join also! It’s not everyday that you can find moolah and domain giveaways so might as well grab the chance. But please, if you joined after reading this post, please put me as your referrer. Okay, thanks! 

A big thanks also to the bloggers and sponsors. May God bless you more. 🙂


I really didn’t understand the instruction about the blog post but there’s a “Don’t forget to include this! CLICK ME.” So I included it here. Below is the actual blog post of the giveaway. 🙂

Hi in case you didn’t know! Yes I’m having my first giveaway on this website. Although this is my 2nd giveaway actually when I first hosted my contest on my other blog. Chiminess.

Okay continue with the giveaway! This is are the awesome prizes!

Nyx Wholesale PH

1st Winner will get:
A Blog Makeover. – Babyvox
NYX 10 Eyeshadow palette in Haute Model and Glitter Cream Palette in One night in Luxy. – NyxWholesalePH
.info – Ayei Bithao
150×100 Banner Ads from Pseudolavie and Gailaloo

2nd Winner will get:
Candybag – Aisha Kristine
.info – The Nails Designs
150×100 Banner Ads from Pseudolavie and Gailaloo

3rd Winner will get:
Tetris Sticky Notes
Hodge Podge Starbucks Magnet
Star Clips Set
Card Case Set
.info – Random Acts of Sweetness
150×100 Banner Ads from Pseudolavie and Gailaloo
See the blog post for the mechanics.

Here’s another prize!

Make the Best Post and Win 4 bracelets of your choice from Cutey.co.uk
Why do you think you should win this bracelets? Minimum of 100 words.
The first sentence starts with this “I want to win Cutey’s Bracelets because..” (with Cutey.co.uk’s link)-important!
Once you’re done with everything, comment on this blog entry with the following information:
*BLOG POST ABOUT CUTEY: (if you decided to join)

EDIT: MAY 6, 2012 5PM
This contest also have a referral prize!
Be a sure winner by referring the most participants in this giveaway! And win $10!

Contest ends on May 31! Winners will be picked via Random.org and will announce on June 1.
All cash prizes will be sent via Paypal.

A big thanks to all the sponsor who did not ignore me when I messaged them about having this Giveaway! Thank you!

Nyx Wholesale Ph | BabyVox | Aisha Kristine | Ayei Bithao | The Nail Designs | Miss-Honeul | Cutey | The Rainbow Star | Lhyzie Bongon | Random Acts of Sweetness | Candy-Bumm


My love for blogging became so intense that currently, I am owning 2 WordPress blogs and 5 on Tumblr. I have some on Blogspot too but I forgot my log in details already. 🙂

Anyways, I just want to promote my Tumblr blogs here because I know a lot of bloggers out there, are using Tumblr as their platform and I assure an auto follow if you came from this post of mine. Just mention it on my ask box and I’ll follow you whenever I go online the next time.

So here are my Tumblelogs with a brief description for each:

Title URL Description
  dami ko daw sinasabi      http://abegaily.tumblr.com   a Tagalog blog where I can be honest and beguiling at the same time 🙂
  alive and fangirling   http://abbegail.tumblr.com/    this is where I admire my idols and celebrity crushes :”>
  alive and awkward   http://abegaillayosa.com      my (under construction) personal blog hehe
  your text quotes   http://crushed-diamond.info/    a place where I put text quotes from my phone
  alive and optimistic   http://abe-gail.tumblr.com   inspiring photos. REBLOGS for short.

Yeah, those are my Tumblr blogs as of now. LOL

See you there!

Double Birthday Giveaway by Athena Tria

I never really trusted giveaways which use Rafflecopter as a means of tabulating contest entries but this time, when I knew that the giveaway is co-hosted by one of my blogger friends, I never hesitated to join. I actually saw the giveaway link from Ate Lhyz’s therainbowstar.net post which headed me to the main page of the giveway.

The giveaway includes domain, hosting, accessories and there’s this what they call a “special prize” I wonder what it is. Hmm. The giveaway is hosted by Athena Tria, a cute blogger mom who also loves kawaii stuff. I hope I can be friends with her too. 🙂
Anyways, I really want or more of need a domain right now because for some unknown reasons, I just feel like I have to have a new one again. 🙂

I really really really hope that I can win this. I always win second prize on Ate Lhyz’s giveaways so now, I wish I can win the first prize. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I miss these.

I have been very busy these past few days because of my OJT and summer class and that really kept me from using the internet. I am able to use the computer at the office but not the internet so I have no choice but to wait until weekends when I can sleep quite late and somehow check my social life in the WWW..

I miss blogging too! I have so many things to share but I am just waiting for the right time that I can tell it here already. Maybe if I have free time at our office, I’ll start to write and publish posts. I am planning to buy a notebook where I can jot down interesting things that happened but that too is out of my reach because of my very busy schedule. But I promise to be online on weekends. 🙂

See you!

Pan De Manila

During sleepless nights like this, it is good to have something to lay your attention on aside from the monitor and the keyboard that’s why whenever I have plans of blogging all night long, I make sure that I have something to eat! 🙂

Just like now, it’s 4:33 in the morning and I haven’t slept yet, I have been blogging and 9gagging for hours and these are what kept me company.

Pan De Manila Loaf bread and Lady's Choice Bacon Spread. So much yum!