In my own home… someday.

I am not an interior design student but plants and flowers always fascinate me and I think having those as a display will make any house comfortable to live in. It just brings good vibes, the indoor plants. And how better would it get if you have indoor gardens at home or even at your office? Even just the sight of green leaves attracts positive aura and if you add the beautiful colors of the flowers and vases, everybody would love to visit your place.

Indoor plants will always have a place in my own home someday.

For mom

I want to win Cutey’s Bracelets because I want to have something to give to my mom for Mother’s Day. Personally, I want their bracelets because those are so cute and stylish but my mom very rarely accessorize so I think it’s time for her to do so. It’ll also have a dual purpose for her birthday is coming up and I am sure that she’ll be happy if she receives those cute bracelets.

I already checked out their website and I have a hard time deciding on what four bracelets to choose if ever I win because all of the bracelets are so beautiful. I am lowering my expectations but I am hoping that I’ll be able to give my mom a memorable gift such as those charming bracelets. *fingers crossed*

Thanks to for this chance.  :)

What to give? WHAT TO GIVE?

So many occasions are happening this month. Graduation, mother’s day, my sis’ birthday. No matter how hard I wanted to give them a memorable gift, the lack of time and idea hinders me. I am thinking of something personalized but still affordable. Since customized shirts are too mainstream already, I thought of other things aside from that. And then I came across this site that offers personalized gifts for all occasions! Just in time for my wandering. :)

They’ve got everything from flowers that are perfect for Mother’s Day to graduation bracelets fit for fresh grads out there. I can’t even decide what to choose so I might need your help. Why don’t you check out site to see for yourself.

Happy Graduation my friends!

I will never get tired of admiring my high school batchmates’ graduation photos all over my Facebook News Feed. I am very happy for each one of them. To my high school classmates, schoolmates, friends, friends of friends. Everyone. They deserve a bunch of congratulations because studying during these times seem to be just an option and not a priority anymore. So it really is an honor to be able to finish college.

To their parents is a ton of congratulations also for being able to support their children’s education for years. It really is such delighting experience to see your child walk into the stage and accept the proof of both of your hardwork and their perseverance.

A round of applause is not enough but I wish that after the fun, the party and the celebrations, our fresh graduates will accept the responsibility bestowed upon them. To be productive citizens of the country. Besides, who would want their years of studying go to waste?

What’s summer without swimming?

I was told that in other countries like Australia, the summer there is not really the summer that we think it is. Theirs is just warm and sunny. Unlike here in the Philippines where you’ll beg and pray to all the gods of rain just to minimize the heat even for a while. That’s why every summer, it’s a trend to go to resorts and beaches to unwind and “beat the heat” as they say. And this summer pentair pool products will be of so much use because of the convenience that it brings to the costumers especially of resorts and swimming pools.

SRSLY, Facebook?

Why does Facebook have to always impose that Timeline thingy to everyone who doesn’t want it? We’re okay with the simple profile, why alter it over and over again? They could have just updated everybody’s profile if in the end they will be forcing us to use that Timeline. Leaving us with the old profile is like giving us the chance to choose what we really want. I just don’t understand the purpose of letting us have a choice if sooner they will force us to do what they want?

I don’t like the new Facebook Timeline because I find it hard to navigate in there. The bullets or whatever they call it distracts me. The posts seem to be repeating also and i easily get irritated with  that. I also don’t want every photo tagged to me be spread all over my profile especially that the photos are not thumbnails but large ones.

Maybe I’ll just search and install some extension that’s scattered out there to at least return to my old Facebook once that timeline of mine has been obligatorily published.

Some stuff

My younger sister has been constantly receiving birthday invitations this month and it’s a big burden for our mother to think of what gift to give the celebrants since we lack the money right now. But still, thank God, mom is able to provide some stuff for the children whose birthday will be attended by my younger sis. I see some toys, both educational and entertaining.

One of the toys there that I saw is the yoyo. I guess it will be given to an older boy because kids cannot play with that yet. Especially if it is a dark magic yoyo. It takes a lot of practice, patience and strings to be able to work with that toy properly.

My own safety vest

A blurred shot of me wearing somebody else's safety vest.

In my current OJT, we are required to provide our own PPE but since I don’t have the money to buy safety shoes and vest yet, I always borrow from my classmate whenever they’re not visiting the site. That’s why I wish to have my own PPE now because my classmates are about to finish their 300 hours in the OJT and I will be left with no materials yet.

I am planning to buy even just the safety vest. I already canvassed and saw some cheap ones. I can’t wait to own at least a safety vest and be able to minimize the inconvenience from my classmates. :)

I can imagine having my own name written on the back of my safety vest just like the engineers in our OJT.

Steel, it’s the key

Finally, i am enjoying my OJT now compared to my first days there where all I do is to estimate whatever my bosses feel like estimating. We got to visit the construction site now and it’s no doubt fascinating. It’s clear to me now. The importance of steel in every construction. Currently, lower basements are being constructed as well as the mat foundation and I must say, I think I have seen all the steel in the world by the quantity that is present there. Steel is really very useful in terms of construction. Even steel span buildings are essential nowadays.