Daily archives: May 10th, 2012

Barcode scanners

I am very proud of my friends who are fresh graduates but already have a job. A lot of them are from PLP and even though I didn’t study there, I witnessed their hardships and eagerness to graduate that’s why I am happy for them.

I can still remember when they were very busy planning, organizing and documenting their thesis. The topics of their research paper were actually given by the professors so it became harder because they didn’t get to choose. I remember some of them being assigned to make a thesis that includes barcode readers as the device. I think logic controls products fit best for thesis like this and in real life situations also. I hope they’ve found out this brand earlier and for future researchers also.

More Kimi Ni Todoke posts coming up

For non-anime lovers, please give this anime a chance. You won’t regret watching it especially if you’re into love stories and somehow gets bored watching real people. Hehe! Anyways, I am still going to post more about this anime. All the heartfelt “kilig” will be shared here as well as the heartaches.

More Ryu Sanada photos, more Kazehaya-Sawako moments and of course Ayane-chan and Chizuru-chan.

Don’t worry about the unfamiliar names, in time I’ll be sharing you bits of information about them until you decide to watch it yourself. I will try my best not to spoil any important happenings though. 😀

Ryu Sanada

Speaking of Kimi Ni Todoke, I just want to say that Kazehaya doesn’t affect me as much as he makes Clarence and Donna giggle when they see him for I always used to find love in the most unusual places, and this time, in this anime, I found love in Ryu Sanada.

Though discreet, Ryu is someone somebody can count on. He doesn’t talk that much (which I suppose what made me love him from the start haha!) but listens and observes well. He loves pets thus the sadness when Chizuru separated him from Pedro, Kazehaya’s puppy. Lastly, he likes, uhh… loves his childhood friend Chizuru Yoshida. Which is somehow ironic because I should be hating on Chizuru right now just as other fangirls but I like their story and Ryu’s patience towards Chizuru only makes him more attractive than ever.

Ryu Sanada: A man of actions, not words.

Awakening the OTAKU in me

What Mr. Google says about the word otaku is:

otaku plural of o·ta·ku

(in Japan) Young people who are highly skilled in or obsessed with computer technology to the detriment of their social skills.
But nowadays, the word has been associated with anime fans and I understand it as the latter.
When Clarence and I parted ways during the first three years of college, my love for anime seem to have disappeared also for I was surrounded by different people who have different likes and dislikes. It’s just now, when we became classmates again that I started to watch animes again.
And I remember how an anime lover I have been from the start. How I cried during fifth grade when I wasn’t able to watch Cardcaptor Sakura because of brownout, how I collected pictures of my favorite characters and how I memorized Shaman King’s theme songs. I love everything about it.
At this moment I am just working on Kimi Ni Todoke’s second season and even though I want to know the rest of the story, the thought of nearing its end hurts my heart. I am so in love with the characters and the story.
I am happy that I am into anime again.

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