Daily archives: April 23rd, 2012

A fail but touching surprise

Clarence or Ticle as I call her, just celebrated her 20th birthday last April 21 and though busy, I still managed to organized a surprise for her which I pledged to do since last year. 🙂

Usually, I coordinate with our two best friends, Chaneth and Rizza but I understand that they have other priorities so I talked to our college close friends instead. The original plan is just to buy a simple gift but we didn’t have enough to time to look for a Ticcle-friendly gift so we settled on a cake.

Luckily, there’s a cute cake store in SM Sta. Mesa and there we bought this simple cake for her.

Paired with skinny candles, this cake really looked cute when the candles are still standing tall. Haha! We surprise her by delivering it in front of there house as we sing the happy birthday song. Poor Ticcle only blushed as she knows that her sisters will tease her because of this.

At the end of the day, we still enjoyed and I understand why at first she seemed not to like it because we’re not really into cheesy things like this. 😀

Night life you say?

Contrary to the famous belief that teens nowadays are addicted to night life and partying, I, on the other hand don’t consider it that enjoyable. I very rarely go  to clubs and do the party-all-night-long thing but there’s this one time when I accompanied my friend to a meet-up where they drank and danced with her friends as I sat there chatting with another friend.

photo from: imouto.my

Of course, I am a little bit out of place because that really was not my thing and I easily get irritated to very loud music — where you can’t even understand what song is playing– and unflattering light effects. I understand that that’s how clubs go but I just thought that if they check out american-dj, I believe that partying would be more fun and enjoyable and who knows, people like me might change our minds about partying all night long?

Double Birthday Giveaway by Athena Tria

I never really trusted giveaways which use Rafflecopter as a means of tabulating contest entries but this time, when I knew that the giveaway is co-hosted by one of my blogger friends, I never hesitated to join. I actually saw the giveaway link from Ate Lhyz’s therainbowstar.net post which headed me to the main page of the giveway.

The giveaway includes domain, hosting, accessories and there’s this what they call a “special prize” I wonder what it is. Hmm. The giveaway is hosted by Athena Tria, a cute blogger mom who also loves kawaii stuff. I hope I can be friends with her too. 🙂
Anyways, I really want or more of need a domain right now because for some unknown reasons, I just feel like I have to have a new one again. 🙂

I really really really hope that I can win this. I always win second prize on Ate Lhyz’s giveaways so now, I wish I can win the first prize. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

How Fashionable!

Growing up, televisions were the only place where I can see people riding on horses that actually run fast! For me, it’s cool to be an equestrian and being a girl adds to the challenge of horseback riding. If I were rich, I would want to be one of those whom I only see on TV. I also adore how they dress. Even though they were to face dirt and be expose to sunlight and all, they still look presentable and chic.

Looking on their attire, I notice that what seemed like tall riding boots were actually half chaps worn over paddock boots. It’s amazing to know that these were not only for fashion but mainly for protection of the riders. Cool!

photo from http://meandmarisa.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/equestrian-fashion-meets-equestrian-practicality/

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