One thing that makes me look forward to weekends more is the chance to attend my friend’s gigs. She never fails to invite me every now and then. This time she showed me something on the internet which she explained as the marshall dsl40c. She’s been eyeing on this one because according to her, it is a must have for performers. Looking at the specification, I think it really is.

Art of Now WOW’s

It was that humid, after-rain type of morning when I left our house to go to the second BDJ Rendezvous that I’ll be attending as a Bella last August 23rd. After series of consultation with my sister on what footwear should I match my red and white sweater top and checkered pleated skirt, I hurried to the van stop to SM Megamall.

BDJ Art of Now
Photo source:

I have had such great times attending previous BDJ events that I know I would go home with my mind full of new ideas and knowledge and if lucky enough a loot bag in my hand. Indeed I didn’t go home empty handed this time, thanks to BDJ and their partner brands. Most especially, I went home inspired and the artsy side of me fired up.

From BDJ Rendezvous: Art of Now to anyone reading this blog post, I hope to use my perks of being a Bella to share what inspired me most during the event. To give justice to my fired up artsy self, I have prepared simple posters showing the ideas of each talk.

1st Talk: Art of Creativity
Speakers: Maan Agsalud and Roma Agsalud of Common Room PH


“If you want to start today, you won’t be successful tomorrow.”

My most favorite word of wisdom from the event and the most striking as well. Maan and Roma are sisters and they founded Common Room PH which is an art and craft business that took years in the making. The thought may seem negative in the surface. In fact, at the instance I heard it, I got quite confused. Oftentimes we associate “START” with “SUCCESS” and this quote negates it. But as Roma further explained, “TODAY” and “TOMORROW” came to clearer view. Success does not happen overnight. Hence, even if we want to start today, we will face a lot of challenges along the way before we reach success and it will take a lot of tomorrows. We just have to focus on the most important aspect, “Start!” Sooner or later, success will follow. We just have to start and keep going. Failed? Start again. Failed multiple times? Only you can limit yourself. Learn from mistakes and move on. The harder the work, the greater the victory.02

“Why?” Why not?

Another striking remark. Sometimes I would have ideas that for me were so great but when I tell people about it, they’d think it’s impossible or I was joking. Making me think like so too. Those three words made me realized that the fault is on me this time. All these ideas wasted because I let other people’s opinions affect my mindset just like that. I so easily lose grip on the things I spent nights contemplating on just because other people thought it won’t work.This time I know better, I’ll gather all my ideas in a journal no matter how impossible or funny or great they may seem, and whatever remark I may receive, I won’t let them slip away that easily now. Instead, I’ll take their opinions as suggestions and additional details to making my ideas work. Because if we really want something, we must make all means to achieve it. Take criticisms constructively and strive to improve. After all, we need to step backward before we can take a leap.03

“Learn what you need to learn to make this life work.”

As starters with no entrepreneurial/accounting/fine arts background, Roma and Maan had their family as inspiration to start their business. They are the two eldest of their parents’ children so when they finally started working, they had to help their parents provide for the younger, studying ones. Life is tough most of the time and having a job doesn’t automatically guarantee an easy life. That’s when they founded their first online shop Pop.Junk.Love as a sideline to get extra income. With P5,000.00 as their starting budget, they took the leap and started this journey called online selling. It was not easy, especially to someone who have no background in business. But they know they have to do it. So despite the challenges, they managed to make their little business grow. They researched on latest trends, studied which age bracket they sell to most and aligned their products to these people’s demands. They also used their mistakes as guides to their following steps which for me is very important because in business — and in life as well— experience teaches us more than schoolbooks and mistakes are part of those experience. Whatever you have now, use it to your potential and make the most out of it.

2nd Talk: Quest to Wellness
Speaker: Nikki Torres of


“Life happens everyday, and it is a journey.”

Often we would decide to get into shape or eat healthy because we’re either preparing for a special event in our life, preparing to get in shape for summer or wants to rock that crop top that is currently on trend. Forgetting that the most special event that we have to prepare for happens everyday and that is our life. We must aim to be healthy as a lifestyle and not just for a short-term period. And getting fit and healthy must be part of our life journey.05

“Pay attention to things you love doing.”

As much as we would like to discipline ourselves from getting too much calories and whatnot, it is also important that we enjoy choosing the healthy lifestyle and not feel forced to do it. Our quest to wellness must not be too boring that we eventually lose interest in it. Enjoy your usual habits while observing your wellness condition. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Listen to music during workout, have a reasonable cheat day, jog to hunt a Pokemon, replace chips with fruits and veggies as snacks while playing online games. Just because we chose to live a healthier life doesn’t mean we have to let go of the things that we enjoy.

3rd Talk: Brand You-nique
Speakers: Isa Garcia and Bea Vergara


“What do I value? What are the things that are important to me?”

This is one of the 3 questions presented by as they talk about being oneself genuinely.
For me, I value my family and closest friends most. I can live on an island with them and still be content and happy. I live for my family and I aspire to give them an easy life. My closest friends are few but I know they are the realest. They inspire me in so many aspects.

08“Do I want to be liked or do I want to be authentic?”

At first I was “Of course, I want to be authentic. All of us do, right?” During this portion though, at the back of my mind I saw myself laying on my bed browsing through Facebook and Instagram, I want to post something but I struggle to think of a witty caption. I carefully choose from my bunch of selfies and food porn pics which ones looks most likely to gain more likes. I realized then, that a part of me, though I initially want to be authentic, wanted to be liked as well. During the talk, I realized that it’s not so bad. But still, our life must not be dictated by the likes and approval of others. Just like the old saying, “Dance as if no one is watching.”09“What kind of person do I want to become?”

And again, I saw an image in my head at the appearance of this question. But this time it’s not me but my younger sister. She’s 14 and I want to be the person that will serve as a role model for her. Flawed, stubborn at times, shy at first, not that smart but honest with what she feels, values herself and chooses the right friends to be with. I admit that as of this writing, I have yet to unfold what the future holds for me but this one is certain, I want to become the person that my family would be happy to have.

4th Talk: Style that Defines
Speaker: Nicole Andersson10

“Don’t dress to pretend to be someone else.”

This one punched my cosplay self in the face too hard. I actually literally dress to pretend to be someone else when I cosplay. But I know that’s a different story so let’s just say that I just really want to mention that I’m a cosplayer and I’ve mentioned it already so let’s move on. Among the four talks, I enjoyed Nicole’s the most. With her sitting comfortably in a chair at the stage, a simple Powerpoint presentation as guide to her topics, it seemed as if she’s just that leader-type girl of the squad and all of us Bellas are her BFF’s willing to listen to whatever she has to say. I really enjoyed her talk I forgot to jot down her statements. To actually only afford two. This one really stuck to me because like I’ve said, I’ve been dressing as another person for fun that is cosplay but in real life, I think I only strive to do so for a few times but gave up easily because I was achieving a style in between a Korean and Japanese girly outfits while I’m a fat girl with big boobs and large eyes. I’m not degrading my looks or anyone with the same characteristics as mine, okay? I’m just saying that there really are some pegs that won’t go with a certain body type and I learned more of that at Art of Now. Also, even though I can’t achieve that look, I can say that I am comfortable with my clothes now compared to when I was hoarding floral, above the knee length dresses and lolita shoes. The most important thing still is that we should be comfortable with what we are wearing and not to force a style just because it’s trendy. Other styles might look cute on someone but unflattering to you. Same goes with your own style might not be suitable for somebody else. Now, the key is to know your body type, research, make a mood board, know what really is stylish yet comfortable for you. And work from there. But don’t forget to experiment on new looks as well so won’t get stuck in a single or a couple styles only.11“Find your strengths.”

Know what type of clothing best fits you and use that as base to explore other combinations. And of course, if you know your body type, you’ll know which part to flaunt and which ones to hide while still being comfortable in it. Document your most GGSS* looks for reference. Enhance what needed to be enhanced and work on what to be improved. Find inspiration on people with the same body type and style as yours. Feel beautiful inside and out!

Now, that’s all for my TL;DR post. I hope I was able to impart what I’ve learned through BDJ Rendezvous: Art of Now. To more BDJ events! <3

The speaker’s photos used are from BDJ’s Official Facebook Page.

*GGSS = Gandang Ganda Sa Sarili; that moment when your overall outfit looks and feels so right that you feel so beautiful than the usual 😀

How I verified my contributions via PagIbig Chat Support

Having been working for a lot of different companies these past three years, it’s quite embarrassing that I only got serious in keeping a watch on my monthly contributions/salary deductions on my fourth employment. If not for this tax calculator website, I wouldn’t be aware as to where my hard-earned money goes.

bir tax calculatorComparing the mentioned website’s results to the deductions indicated on my actual pay slip, the results are all exact except my PagIbig contribution result. I was alarmed because my pay slip shows a higher value.

Since I am not that aware with these stuff before, I just started asking questions lately. I researched on how I can verify my monthly remittances and I found out that unlike SSS and PhilHealth, PagIbig does not have an online database where an individual can check their contributions. Most of the results were suggestions to visit PagIbig personally. Some pointed me to PagIbig Fund’s email address which I initially planned to reach had I not explored PagIbig Fund’s website more.

contact us

Posted on the CONTACT US page of PagIbig Fund’s website, are the different ways on how to reach them.



On the left side bar are the following contact details:

  • PagIbig chat support –
  • PagIbig hotline – 724-4244
  • PagIbig Facebook Page –
  • PagIbig Youtube Channel –
  • Mailing address
  • Different forms
  • PagIbig Office Directory

A map of the PagIbig Support Services and Housing Group can be found on the page’s content area along with their email address and email form.


Having not emailed them yet, I tried the PagIbig Chat Support first. Though my expectations for this feature were low because I have tried different chat supports before only to be instructed to call or visit branches in the end.

A small blue green chat window greeted me as I clicked the chat support button on PagIbig’s CONTACT US page. I entered my info and was lead to the chat introduction where different codes were to entered depending on the individual’s concerns.

chat support

Since my concern is about my contributions, I used the keyword “CONTRI”. Afterwards I was instructed to input my identification information. The processing of info in this part is quite slow so I suggest to wait until the following question appeared and do not re-enter the info you previously entered because once the next question appears, the info you re-entered will be the answer to it which won’t match since its a different question already. Continue to answer the incoming questions and wait until your details are verified by a Member Relations Officer via chat.



In my situation, I want to verify the real amount of my contribution. So I asked the Member Relations Officer about it. During our conversation, I learned the following:

  • The minimum contribution to PagIbig is 100 pesos.
  • The employer counterpart is equivalent to the employee’s contribution.
  • The total contribution of an individual per month is 200 pesos at minimum.
  • An individual may opt to pay higher than 100 provided that his employee approves of it.

Now, the answer to my confusion, as to why my pay slip shows a higher value is that the tax calculator only shows the minimum contribution. However, in our company, we are being deducted 2% of our salary which explains the difference and is now totally fine for me now that I know where my money goes.

So that’s it. I was able to verify my contribution just by typing my inquiry via chat. I have never been satisfied with chat support such as this. The only thing lacking is that they haven’t developed the feature to send the conversation log via email once that chat ended. It would be a great supporting document especially when there’ll be errors to be dealt with. I hope they could develop that feature soon. But overall, PagIbig Fund’s Chat Support is really a helpful feature.

Perks of a Bella: Happiness over disappoinments

July 2, 2016. Payday just came by. Those were the times when I call on to self-control gods to help me adult by not giving in to every sales, discounts and promos around. Because #priorities it is.


Thankfully, #PerksofaBella coupons come in so handy that we (me and my boyfriend, Kenneth) were able to buy a luscious Goldilocks Black Forest cake for his mom’s birthday.


Though it took us quite a few negotiations and explanation to have our discount applied since it seemed like it is Goldilocks-Sta.Lucia’s first time receiving a BDJ coupon from a customer because the cashier receiving our order then won’t actually honor our discount at first. I think our coupon reached almost every staff before someone confirmed to us that yes, we are getting the cake 10% off its price.


Their customer service is quite off, considering that we were just left standing at one corner clueless as to how our order was going. I also hoped the cashier who took our order could at least notify us that the processing of our order may take a while, but he simply transferred to an empty register and took other orders there, leaving us and the customers following us waiting in vain. Aside from that, a different cashier who processed our order could not provide us a receipt because as according to her, they couldn’t find that something that will show the discount on the receipt. I told her we’ll just wait for the receipt but she seem to just want our transaction to end by eyeing on the line behind me. Considering the other customers who have waited long also, we just left.

Honestly, as much as I could, I only want to share about the positive moments of my #PerksofaBella experience. Though I tried to just not to talk about the customer service part, the overall experience won’t be complete without it. Also, I thought it could give other Bellas who would want to use their coupons at the same branch in the future a heads up.


Somehow, this made me realize that being a Bella is not all fun and games. When I expected to be treated well –special even– I was treated otherwise. But as a Bella, I didn’t let their attitude towards me affect how I’ll treat them. I understood their side and just learned to give way for the other customers. Besides, the main point here is to give Kenneth’s mom a happy celebration so we tossed the experience aside and made greater ones at home when we celebrated Mama’s birthday.

Good thing Kenneth was there to cheer me up. Besides, according to him, we shouldn’t be sad because it’s for Mama’s birthday. We left the disappointment at that store and proceeded to buy pizza next.


Still thankful to BDJ and Goldilocks for being part of this happy celebration. ^_^

Happiness indeed is a choice. This #PerksofaBella experience, however different from the usual ones, is as equally as memorable. I did not only get a discount, but I also learned lessons I never thought I’d get whilst buying a black forest cake. 🙂

BDJ Passion Series: Portrait Me Flawless

I was on my usual procrastination phase of the day one Friday afternoon, I know procrastination is not something to be proud of but indeed, blessings come in all forms and in any way possible.

Browsing through Belle de Jour Power Planner‘s website, I glanced upon a new event announcement. Reminiscing the fun during my first ever BDJ event attendance (BDJ Woman with Vision), I quickly scanned through the mechanics on how to join.13510998_1664949767159901_1030867336689843871_n-300x300

As I expected, there are more than one ways to join.

OPTION 1: Post a photo of your most confident moment and share to us the story behind it.

OPTION 2: Post a creative photo of something that represents confidence to you and tell us why it does.

OPTION 3: Share the event poster and tell us why you want to be part of the workshop.



I chose to do Option 3 since I was thinking back then that I might be running out of time and that I have to have an entry fast so right then and there, I shared the poster on my Facebook account and registered. Few days later, the unexpected blessing came on my email inbox. I was invited for the #BDJPassionSeries #PortraitMeFlawless event!


I even shared a glimpse of the email confirmation on my Facebook wall since I can’t contain the happiness back then.

Google Earth was my companion as I count the days ’til 9th July. I made sure of the time and venue and aspired to be one of the lucky first 40 Bellas to receive a loot bag. I mean, is there anyone else who dislike free stuff? If it isn’t too much of a preparation, I even bought curlers to be used especially for this event which I wasn’t able to use because it appeared too complicated to maneuver than it shows on Youtube. So yeah, I went with my bangs braided by my auntie. Actually thankful that I did because bangs blocking my eyesight isn’t too much of a help while drawing.


I arrived at One Corporate Center around 12:40pm amidst the Ortigas traffic that I mentioned on my registration entry. Went straight to 11th floor and lost myself at the pink paradise called Flawless Head Office. The ambiance is really refreshing and chic.

On the right side of the office is the event registration booth with the welcoming BDJ team to assist the attendees. They fit well on the environment — refreshing, chic, flawless. 🙂

I was given a survey form with the number 24 in it. At that moment, my inner self screams “AAAHHHH YESS! LOOT BAGS IT IS!”


As a newbie Bella, I only have a few #BellaBesties and they weren’t on that event. I sat at the chair nearest the entrance so as not to be noticed by the other Bellas already sharing chitchats with one another. Though really very shy, I knew all these girls are the friendliest because they are BDJ girls so I have to be too! I tried but still can’t get myself to talk to my seatmates because they seem to be besties already.

Thankfully though, a girl in pixie haircut offered me to take the vacant seat near the front. I obliged and she escorted me to the table 3 where four already sitting Bellas welcomed me with a smile. ^_^ Surprisingly, pixie girl even sat with us and “broke the ice” asking questions and sharing things about BDJ Team’s preparation of the event. Her bubbliness ranged form 98-100%. Another Bella joined us not shortly after.

Mic ready, a familiar voice greeted everyone in the room. Turned out pixie girl was the host too! She welcomed us and introduced herself, still on her bubbly range. I wonder how she does that. Jasmine, how to be you po? 🙂


The event started with an introduction of the event BDJ Passion Series: Portrait Me Flawless. A sketching workshop and skincare talk. A mini game was also conducted before the workshop proper where Bellas actively though silently act out words given by Jasmine in a fun game of charades. The winning team won Flawless items. Lucky girls! 🙂

Then the guest was introduced. CJ De Silva-Ong, a young talented artist who is currently venturing the field of advertising. And of course, an info that I must not miss sharing, she was one of the gifted Promil Kids! You know, the gifted children on this powder milk’s commercial back in the 90’s, she is one of those. It got more interesting to know more about her because of that commercial. Her talent is unquestionable actually, one thumb up for Promil, the other to her parents for nurturing CJ’s gift. 😉

At the beginning of the workshop, CJ would share that most of the time when drawing a random person, she is usually being asked as to who that person is. She then explained that a drawing and a portrait are two different things.


From what I remember, a drawing can be a random person or an imaginary one with no definite characteristics but a portrait is someone’s personality sketched on a paper. A portrait shows somebody’s persona translated into a drawing. That’s why when somebody asks her to do their portraits, she usually would talk about them about their interests, invite them over coffee and get to know the person first before actually starting doing the art. That way she can easily show the personality of the person instead of simply copying a reference photo.

After the talk, we were given oslo papers fancily stamped with “flawless” on a customized pink Flawless folder. Pencils, erasers and sharpeners are already on our tables before the workshop so we immediately started as we were instructed to do so.


I may be an engineering graduate but I really find drawing human parts and figures hard. I’m really nervous to start because I’m afraid I might mess up and need extra papers and I’m too shy to ask! But CJ dissected a the process of drawing a human face as if I were in Science class and I can see every part inside that poor frog. OK that was an inappropriate representation. I’m sorry. But let’s move on…


As according to her, as much as one could, artists would usually breakdown an a subject into different shapes and with those shapes start creating forms. This one is familiar for me since I like anime and cosplay. I guess it’s really gift and talent which separate “big circle here, a smaller one over there, a few lines… aaaand we have a frog!” from “circles here, circles there, some lines… aaaaand we have.. circles and lines?” I am the latter.

During this workshop, I somehow, learned how to draw a human face. CJ taught us the basics like how two circles can define the shape of a person. A few lines can help in properly placing the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Following her instructions, I was able to draw this.


I think I erased more than I drew stuff. Parang buhay lang, magkakamali ka muna bago ka may matututunan. (ehe ehe)
I don’t know if it is just me but all the drawing and erasing made me feel tired. Good thing snacks came in right after. Snacks is one #PerksofaBella that I will always look forward to. It seems like even on food, the BDJ Team will still consider aesthetics and make sure every Bella will have that Instagram-worthy shot with their snacks. Because I surely did on mine. Plus, I really loved the cream puffs (not sure if that’s what it’s called) and the mini tacos! If I were not that shy, I would take a separate photo of each for special mention.


Following the snack time is Dr. Kaye Bautista’s talk on skincare. Dr. Kaye is one of Flawless’ skincare professionals so I really made sure to listen to her discussions since I am really into skincare now more than makeup. I wasn’t able to take photos this time since I really focused on listening. I came for the great and fun experience but above all, I aim to be enlightened more about skincare in this event. Hence, serious mode: ON.

As per Dr. Kaye’s presentation:

  • What is Flawless?
    Flawless is your best choice when it comes to skincare. They give free doctore cosultations so one can be initially briefed as to what type of regimen is best for them without having to shed a peso. Their compay is FDA registered giving their clients and soon-to-be clients the guarantee that they are a legitimate company to provide beauty services. Along with this, sanitizers are evenly placed throughout their centers to assure proper hygiene is being observed. Everyone including the staff and most especially the skin professionals in Flawless undergo serious training to make sure they can provide quality service to their clients.
  • Our skin
    Being the largest and the most exposed organ of the body, our skin need the utmost care. The steps on taking care of our skin are:
    1. Determine your skin type
    2. Use of special products of your skin needs
    3. Pay attention to fragile areas
    4. Cleanse
    5. Exfoliate
    6. Tone
    7. Moisturize

It has always been stressed in any beauty talks that I have watched or attended that there’s no makeup, skincare products or service that can fit all individuals. And during this talk, Dr. Kaye pointed this out to us also. According to her, it is always best to determine your skin type first and then work on choosing the products that your type of skin requires. It also really very important to always, always get rid of makeup before we go to sleep. No matter how tired we are, we must let our skin breathe and not let makeup clog our pores which may lead to breakout. With or without breakouts, it is still best to consult a specialist to better give attention to our skin needs. Flawless branches are scattered at different areas to further give assistance to us when it comes to skin care.

Dr. Kaye ended her discussion by answering a fellow Bella’s question about some oral supplement that is believed to work better when added to an astringent and then used on the face. The skin professional confidently dodged the idea of its effectiveness since the supplement is meant to be taken orally, no matter how many of it one puts on their faces, it won’t work because it simply is not meant for external application. Which, most of us understood and agreed on.

I was really hooked on the discussion that only after the entire talk did I feel the need to pee. So after the instructions on the sketching contest were mentioned, I took a short trip to the also fab comfort room of Flawless clinic. Honestly, though I rarely do, I wanted to take a mirror selfie inside but there is a portrait that I need to materialize so I went back to the event area and with CJ’s teachings, started sketching that portrait of myself.13664624_10206758652271938_17203814_n

45 minutes. That’s all we got to finish the out portrait and we must be able to post a flatlay photo of it on Instagram for our drawings to be part of the contest. By the way, we were instructed to bring out favorite portrait so I bought my graduation picture. It sure is one of my favorite portraits of myself considering I do not have much and this one of course holds five years of my life battling in college. Having had to go to the bathroom first, my 45 minutes was deducted a few so I quickly drew that twinning circle to start my entry. A few more erasures and I see fellow Bellas around me already taking photos of their artwork. One last stroke on that uneven eyebrow and I shook the unidentifiable-ness of my drawing from my reference photo and took my flatlay shots. It was fun, amidst the “no pressure” pressure. Hoping for the best of luck, I posted my entry.


Not expecting anything because although my drawing looked okay, it didn’t capture the person in my portrait. I just held on to what CJ mentioned that we must not compare our works with others or with hers most especially, she has been doing this for years while us just moments ago. I also appreciated her encouraging us that we must not be ashamed of our works because flaws and all, those were made with effort. Until the announcement of winners came and I was one of the top 5 Bellas who were chosen! Luck, yes, of couse and the heart that I put to my art I guess are what lead me to being chosen. I am ecstatic! I couldn’t believe it. I was just sitting at the back and now I’m standing in front alongside with CJ and my co-Bellas. I really, really enjoyed this event. Winners went home with cute bagpacks and skincare items from Flawless.


Generous as always, BDJ and Flawless gave us some more gifts as we leave the event. Apart from the sketching and skincare knowledge, the happy tummy, freebies and bragging rights, I also gained yet another #BellaBestie that day, Lady Anne. Yay!


Lastly, because of my excitement, I wasn’t able to commend this unnoticed part of the event: Free WiFi. I think it is really very considerate in BDJ and Flawless’ part to actually provide us internet connection so that everyone could join the contest. Most of the time, people have data connections on their phones but they still assured that everyone would be able to join and that’s really something to be recognized. KUDOS BDJ TEAM!


This is just me, flaunting my prize. Hihi.

My friend from Australia got me all curious about 12au7. As I checked, it is a vacuum tube used in amplifiers. Music is really complex yet beautiful.

I miss the blogger me

From time to time, I would scan through this blog and unconsciously as I reach the oldest of its pages, I come to realize that I’ve lost that I miss the blogger in me. Sad how I lost her. I let procrastination win. My ideas stored as memories in my head, never written, untold.

Now, I want to take her back. And this post, hopefully, along with the realization will be enough to restore the fire that I once had at writing. Paid posts, yes, they help me a lot. I am very thankful that I am still being given the chance to earn through it but more than that, I want to write about my life. From the most random to greatest milestones, I want them written down here in my blog, which used to be my companion before.

Truly, one has to have a great mentor or an inspiration at least. Aside from my old posts, I am being inspired by my friends who still continue to write with passion. I always visit blogs of different niches and be delighted as to how they were able to produce such contents almost everyday. Or as long as a something new and interesting come their way. Nadine’s Nendoroid blog is one of those. 🙂

I want to come back. I badly want to come back to blogging. I hope you could share your blogger inspirations too, or blogging tips perhaps to give me a boost? Many thanks!

Back from vacayy~~

Hello everyone! Summer is over, I think. Been raining here in the past few days but thankfully no signs of heavy storms yet. My friends and I planned on going swimming but as usual, it didn’t push through because our scheds won’t meet. However, I still somehow managed to take a short vacation when I accompanied my friend on her gig last week.

That’s the good thing about having musician friends, you get to go to gigs and feel VIP. Hihi. Along the way, I always hear her and her other musician friends talk about Fender Used Stratocasters. They all seem to be interested in it.

We went home filled with happy memories again. Yay!

How’s your vacation?

“Well, goodmorning!” says my fangirl self

*smile emoticon* because I literally am smiling as I am writing this one.

I don’t know why but I’m really excited to blog at this very moment. I am writing spontaneously by the way, since I really just wanted to let these feelings out. Ah! Why is it so hard to spazz on a blog post than on Facebook where I can smash the keyboards any way I want!!

Okay… Let me just… compose myself…. Ahhh! Screw keeping calm. Just who am I kidding with this ongoing video while writing!!?? Haha.

 photo ss_zps4nm6doxi.jpg

Alright!!! Let’s proceed. A blog post is still a blog post so I’ll try my best to stay sane and actually give this post the sense it deserves.

Well, based on the screenshot above, I guess you already know where this post is going but still, let me take you there. My way. 😀

A few friends know me as a KPop fan, Super Junior (ELF) fan in specific. I am not really a multi-fandom person at all but I adore Korean artists because of their overflowing passion to entertain and their world-class craft.

I used to watch Korean dramas as well before when I still have so much time in my hands. Full House, Boys over Flowers, The Innocent Man to name a few. But lately, I am not even watching Filipino soaps or anything. I guess adulting is hitting me little by little now.

Well, all hail the Internet I got back on my usual track. Or at least I’m being updated with what’s new now.

 photo descendants-of-the-sun2-800x450_zpszh6unfcg.jpg

Thanks to the Internet really because I almost let go of the opportunity to discover a great drama such as Descendants of the Sun which have been flooding on my Facebook Newsfeed for the past weeks that I decided to take a look on its plot. Much to my amusement, this one indeed has something interestingly different to offer. Plus, Song Joong Ki of course. 😉

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I know, I know!!! Song Joong Ki is one of those Koreans whose parents must be gods or something. Perfect creature. I KNOW RIGHT!

So, one hot Sunday afternoon in the Philippines, as our TV’s remote control was lying fly across the living room, and I bored, I took it and with nothing else to watch, turned the channel to KBS World. You guessed it right. Descendants of the Sun is on air that time! Now, if that wasn’t destiny, I don’t know what is. During that time, I have no idea yet that my fangirl self is about to be awakened.

Lucky and selfish, I watched the whole marathon of Descendants of the Sun from the episode I came across it until the last one on TV that time. Turned out I started at episode 2 so I just streamed episode 1 online. Didn’t even hurt at all.

As this drama was slowly injects itself into every fiber of my being, Song Joong Ki, whom I’ve loved since Innocent Man also slowly blurs from view. Focusing my heart’s vision to Seo Dae Young, Jin Goo’s character on the series.

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And that, my fangirl friends, is what this post is mainly about. Aaahh~~

I find Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Joo’s romance really ~i can’t put into words~ uhmm… relateable? Maybe… And you can skip this part because I’ll just be blabbering how I can see my boyfriend in Jin Goo’s aura and I, self-proclaims to see myself Ji Won’s character of course because why not. Hehe. I really ship them so hard they must have hit the iceberg that sank Titanic and got pass through it.

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There, I am actually really calmer now. Haha. Little did I notice, I am following every ship accounts of JinGooxJiWon on social media and watching every fanmade videos of their Descendants clips.

I love them both so much but I love Jin Goo more.

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I love Jin Goo so much that I made a Facebook fanpage for him. *runs away* Hahaha! This is so not me but I can’t help it. I was searching for Jin Goo PH page but there’s none. There’s Kim Ji Won Philippines so I figured why not make a PH fanpage for dear Jin Goo too, right?

So there, my fangirl self says “Goodmorning!” because after a long, sound sleep, it officially awakens. For Jin Goo. <3


Jin Goo Philippines is the first fanmade page that I’ll be managing and I know nothing on how to start or what to post. I really hope I get to meet people to help me maintain this page and spread the love for Jin Goo from the Philippines. <3

Adam Young



Adam Young (born July 5, 1986) is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer and the founder of the synthpop band Owl City. He has also fronted numerous other musical projects, including Sky Sailing and Port Blue.


Adam Randal Young originally began creating music in his parents’ basement while suffering from insomnia, giving him the inspiration to begin writing his own version of music, while working loading trucks for UPS in Owatonna, Minnesota.Under the name Owl City, he developed a MySpace following and self-released two albums. His second album Maybe I’m Dreaming, released in 2008, reached #20 on the Billboard Electronic Albums Chart, despite not having been released by a major record company. His debut album Of June, released the year before, peaked at #16 on the same chart. In 2009, Young signed a deal with the record company Universal Republic. He has stated that he is a committed Christian.

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He has captured my heart with his every songs and I can say that I already love him. 🙂


He is also my inspiration in creating a WordPress blog. So yeah, thanks Sir Adam Young.


Official Website

Official Blog

Owl City




This used to be a page on this blog. I decided to just make it a post since I’ll be trying to make this blog more organized with categories and stuff. Still, Adam Young is a great influence for me in writing blogs. I can’t thank God enough for this man’s existence.

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