OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

For the past few years, I have been stuck on the work-home-and-a-little-bit-of-malling social life cycle. It wasn’t that hard for me though, my introvert self thanked me in fact. But after years of not having nature’s fresh air blow my hair to all places, even my introvert self requests for a getaway. Which also serves as a driving force for me to work harder on my new job and be a regular employee. Because we all know the equation: regularization = benefits! Hence, contradicting as it may seem, by the start of this year I can only wish for two things: a regularization at work and a vacation from my boring social life.

Shall I be given a chance to actually be on vacation anytime this year, I would love to go back to my favorite destination in the Philippines which is the province of Ilocos. Last time I’ve been there was during our batch tour in college and I instantly fell in love with every place we visit. We stayed there for 5 days and though already long for a student’s vacation, I know there are still lots of wonders scattered on the outskirts of this province.

Meanwhile, as I wait for my bosses’ verdict on my employment, allow me to look back on and share the memories of my 5-day Ilocos trip and what made it my favorite Philippine destination.

The people.
Naturally hospitable, they made us feel at home even if we are miles away from our own houses in Manila. During our stay, Pamulinawen Restaurant took care of our everyday breakfast and lunch. The food was a bit of the ordinary but considering having to serve hundreds students, what they served us was completely acceptable for me. We were hungrier for adventure too though. These kids selling handmade charms in Pagudpud also touched my heart for they took the effort to share stories to us about their place.

Image may contain: 3 people

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor

The scenery.
Of course. THE SCENERY. I’ll let the photos do the talking this time. Hoping when I get to come back to this place I’ll be able to capture its beauty even more.

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: outdoor

Pagudpud Beach.
We were fortunate enough to be able to visit Ilocos region’s well-known white sand beach — Pagudpud. I wasn’t summer body ready as usual but the beauty of the beach made me go out there and just enjoy the moment. I love it! I really enjoyed swimming with my friends and taking photos on the white sand. It was my first time to walk on such fine beach sand that I forgot where I left my slippers because walking barefoot felt so comfortable.

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Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor and water

Image may contain: 5 people

Looking back, I am really thankful that I was able to witness such beauty with my own eyes. Even moreso, being able to capture them into photos that preserves the memories and its timeless refinement infinitely stored.

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Thanks to modern technology, it became easier to go back at a moment in one’s life as if it happened just yesterday. I was using my classmate’s DSLR in taking most of the Ilocos photos back then and though I could capture the shots that I wanted, I found it too bulky especially when on the beach. Also, I had few photos with myself in it because SLR’s are of course, not selfie friendly. That’s why shall this dream of mine to visit Ilocos again happen, I am rooting for an OPPO F1s Selfie Expert phone to be my companion in capturing its immeasurable beauty yet again.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

There are a lot of reasons why I would love to have an OPPO F1S when I visit Ilocos but of course it’s its 16MP front camera would bring out what I really want to achieve there — to capture its beauty and this time, including mine. ^_^

photo from: http://www.oppo.com/en/smartphone-f1s

I can finally scout my best angles while showcasing the the majestic scenery of Ilocos. I believe OPPO F1s has a front beauty camera with a feature that enables more light to enter the camera and enhances its sensitivity. Such feature is an 1/3.1 inch sensor that aids in taking natural-looking selfies. So with or without filter, indoors or out, a perfect selfie is always guaranteed.

photo from: http://www.oppo.com/en/smartphone-f1s


OPPO F1S’ Daylight camera picture can help me achieve that perfect selfie even with the sun shining bright above us. This means more awesome shots with the famous Ilocos windmill on the background!

photo from: http://www.oppo.com/en/smartphone-f1s

No worries for selfies during the evening as well becaus this 16MP camera can adjust to light that I can already imagine how our photos by the seaside during the campfire sessions would turn out. Instant Instagram feed goals that is.

photo from: http://www.oppo.com/en/smartphone-f1s

I can’t wait until this dream of mine comes true. One thing is for sure, I will make every moment worthwhile and preserve the beauty of the province of Ilocos and to capture the wonderful scenery of the Philippines one photo at a time with OPPO F1S.

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Welcome 2017!


Photo from SayingImages.com

Contrary to most of what I se eon social media, I found 2016 to be a pleasant year for me. The challenges remain but I was aware and surprisingly ready to accept that those were part of life and it’s only either I get through it or not or sonner or later, I will. I lived to witness 2016 unfold and welcome 2017 with my family. Simple as always, our celebration included visiting musiciansfriend.com for possible future music-related hobbies for us in the family. This actually made me excited because last Christmas, we enjoyed singing on the karaoke which we rarely do before. It helped prove that music can change people’s lives.

In terms of New Year’s resolutions, I haven’t listed them down yet but my priority is to save (more than I did last year.)

I hope you had a great holiday too and a blesses new year ahead!

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Doc Pao Republic: Merry Christmas To All

With Christmas just being around the corner, we felt like it was time to touch base with our favorite doctor and ask how 2016 has been for him. Doctor Paolo Bellosillo, our favorite nature therapy doctor answers a few questions for us this season of giving. Read on and learn more about what he has to say.

It’s Xmas season once again, how has 2016 treated you in terms of health and spreading the word about your advocacy?

The Mission of helping people Live A Legacy this 2016 has been a blast.  Starting of the year of 2016, many came for the need to detoxify and lose weight.  Towards the middle, chronic and degenerative diseases of the heart and kidneys started piling with comorbidities existing in every individual.  The third quarter received much need to address cancer patients while cascading various preventive medicine techniques to senior citizens and the youth.  Lastly the fourth quarter starting with October became a preparation period for those who have chronic stress and fatigue who are usually exposed to much pain due to inflammation, mostly professionals who experience pain in the areas of the head, spine both cervical and lumbar and lastly of the chest which is usually circulation based.  You can say that a lot of people are indeed in need for some healthy ageing.

What is the one thing you wish people would make as part of their NY resolution?


Knowing we only have one life, it is so valuable that in hope, I pray others would reduce all practices that will prove to be a threat to life.  An example is smoking, drinking alcohol and eating beyond one’s capacity of unfriendly fats and too much salt and sweets.  Perhaps being mindful of one’s gift, Intellect Will and Soul, sound decisions can be made.  So think of yourself and others too. 

Do you think there will be more heart related sickness in the future and how can people avoid it?

Well policies exist as well as institutions to help mold the awareness of people about what’s good and what’s not but certainly there are big factors that are at play, personal decisions and dispositions, societal norms, product and activity fads created by media cascade dependent on the period and season, ways and means to cope with stress, urban and regional existing interplays of land uses and activities which actually affect the movements and living of people; there may be more but these certainly are factors that will dictate how much heart related sickness would occur.   

What’s one thing that people need to do to make sure they maintain a healthy heart?

Know who you are.  You are Gods child and have been given one heart. Once it stops beating you are gone forever.  Know your role, you’re a team player in your family and community.  Others need you. Know your limits. Master yourself. You can’t manage something you can’t measure.  If it’s about health, see your holistic medicine or integrative medicine specialist who will view your health as a whole system and not by parts.

Commit to good sound and safe change in your lifestyle, be it nutrition, fitness, sleep, relationships and of course spirituality.  Talk to your specialist for a customized program.

Believe the truth that while stem cell therapy can help repair and regenerate tissues even that of the heart, on an acute episode or attack, stem cell may not right away regenerate the infarct part of the heart, that part of the heart will die and its function will be diminished to an extent that you might lose your life hence knives and scissors would be the only way to help you- surgery.  If you can stay away from knives and scissors, do so, although it may help on emergency cases much uncertainty is also present when one is opened.   

What’s one thing that people need to avoid to make sure they don’t trigger a heart attack?

Stress brought about by lack of appropriate sleep, diet and exercises. When you sleep, sleep without the phone the noise and the lights which hamper proper sleep.  When you feel like celebrating this season with cheese, protein preservatives like ham and sweets like cakes, pastries and ice cream, making these part of your daily diet is a no no, it will just cause more problems for your heart as these substances will eventually cause the hardening and stiffening of your arteries.  Lack of proper coping with stress can cause surge in stress hormones which eventually may cause rise in sugar and lipid levels which further increase your cardiovascular disease risk, due to the inflammation they bring.  Going out on a daily high consumption of pro inflammatory food without exercising at least for 30 minutes may cause build up in plaque within your arteries and other blood vessels.  All these things mentioned put your heart at risk, because you failed to live a healthy lifestyle- live to the fullest by making sound and calculated decisions that increase your life expectancy and longevity.

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Spreading genuine care and appreciation through #AirAsiaPH #ThankYou Christmas Campaign

credits as watermarked

It was when I started working that I first encountered this quotation and I can clearly remember I was wrapping Christmas presents for my family that time. The excitement is evident in every fold of the gift wrapper that I make because it was the first Christmas that I was able to buy them gifts from my income and not from my school allowance. I was searching for possible gifts to some of my relatives and stumbled upon this saying. I didn’t realize it until gift-giving on Christmas eve came. I observed that I received lesser gifts than I usually do compared to the others. The weird part though was I felt happy. The number of gifts I received decreased because I was one of the gift-givers that time as well. Hence, my loved ones’ received more gifts that Christmas. Since then, I’ve been looking forward to my family’s reaction on my gifts to them every Christmas because the happiness that I can see in their smiles are worth more than a dozen of material things.

Upon watching this #ThankYou Campaign ad by #AirAsia, I felt the same kind of feeling. Almost teary-eyed, I remembered how a simple “Thank you, ate!” from my younger sister made me feel so blessed. Genuine appreciation may seem but a very small effort but the happiness doubles to the one who hears it.

From our hearts to yours, THANK Y

This holiday season, let's fill the Air with gratitude.Watch our Christmas video and feel the kind of genuine care and appreciation that you will surely experience when flying with the World's Best Low-Cost Airline. We thank you for giving us a chance to serve you. Our gratitude shows our commitment to do better.

Posted by AirAsiaPhilippines on Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Gratitude indeed is in the air. By merely uttering two simple words, we will be able to uplift one another. I must say, this ad by #AirAsia need to spread like a wildfire. More people need to here “Thank you,” on a daily basis simply because there’s so much to be thankful for.



I am sharing this video not only as an entry to the blogging contest but because I fully support the #ThankYou campaign and its advocacy. And if some time, somehow someone will stumble upon this blog post of mine, I hope they’d feel that their efforts and simple deeds are not wasted. That they are worth thanking for.

Shall there be one person who I want to give my sincerest gratitude this holiday season, it will be the one of the most generous and selfless persons I know, my friend and mentor, Engr. Kenneth Estalane.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Ever since we started reviewing for the Civil Engineering Licensure Examinations, he never stopped encouraging me to study, even made different review techniques for me to try. During the examination day, he helped me ease the nervousness that I was feeling by staying with me until the exam proper starts. Undoubtedly, he passed the exam. Sadly, I failed. It was heartbreaking, my physical self almost became numb upon seeing the results. Tears voluntarily fall from my eyes and I hear nothing but my sobs. And then he came, from their house to ours, he set aside his own happiness to accompany me in my sorrow. Looking back, I can’t even remember if I was able to thank him back then. Had I thanked him, I believe that wasn’t enough for I was filled with sadness and disappointment that time, I can hardly focus on other things but myself.

Image may contain: 1 person, tree, plant and outdoor

That’s why I am taking this opportunity to do so. To thank him for believing in me even though I find it very hard to believe in myself. For bringing out the confidence I never knew I had; for merely believing that I can still accomplish something despite my shortcomings; for inspiring me amidst my self-discouragements, thank you. Thank you Engr. Kenneth Estalane for already considering me as one even though I failed. You saw my struggles your own eyes, you witnessed how I always wanted to just give up and settle with what’s easy but you know I am worth more than that and you made me see it.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

You have become my living dream board and since you came —and stayed—, I knew I can reach my goals with you helping me and God guiding us.

I want to thank #AirAsia as well for coming up with this #ThankYou campaign. Win or lose, I am thankful  that I am able to realize how blessed I am with the people around me.From now on, I will use #ThankYou more often. I will make every person around me feel that they are worth thankful for.

Resulta ng larawan para sa air asia thankyou campaign

#ThankYou #AirAsia!

Be updated on the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline #AirAsia through the following:

Air Asia Official Website
Air Asia Facebook Page
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Cosplay Spotlight: Aii En as Yuno Gasai

Anime: Mirai Nikki
Genre: Action, psychological thriller, romance (cr: Wikepedia)
Character: Yuno Gasai
Cosplayer: Aii En
Photographer: Ron dela Cruz of Royal Wonderland

This section on my blog has been consistently on my previous and recent planners since I’m-not-already-sure-when and it’s just now that I finally had the courage to start on it. Thanks to Ron dela Cruz and Aii En’s Mirai Nikki project.

I’ve been a follower of Royal Wonderland since Royal Pinya days and I am well aware that he never fails to bring out the best in each cosplayer’s photographs. What made me decide to feature Aii En in my first Cosplay Spotlight, is that the output of their project showed both the cosplayers’ and the photographer’s passion into bringing Mirai Nikki to life.

Far from what I envisioned before as my first Cosplay Spotlight which was more on mecha or at least a character from an online game, a girl in her plain white undies landed first on my Cosplay Spotlight feature. And I have no regrets.

Partnered with Genesis Miranda, Aii En bravely posed on camera wearing but a pair of white underwear (and that signature pink wig of course!) to transform into the suicidal, psychotic yandere Yuno Gasai. Plus Yuno’s signature accessory — a murder weapon; a knife in this case. This is based on episode 14 where Yuno, head over heels in love, kidnapped her beloved Yukki~ to protect him, according to her, but she just actually wants to keep him for herself. Death shivers in this extreme “clingyness”.


Posted by Royal Wonderland on Sunday, October 23, 2016


This photo, captioned “Teaser………” was the first of the set that I saw and indeed, many were teased, including me. I thought it really looks like a live action still shot of the anime. Minus the vignette that is. But Aii’s mix of blank and creepy expression is so Yuno, I had to stare at the photo long enough to look for the difference. Genesis effortlessly delivered the Yukitero vibe too. Hence, making the photo a clear-cut human world version of the episode.

Seeing that teaser shot, I just couldn’t wait for the rest. I stayed tuned as one by one, Ron uploaded his masterpiece.

In this photo, again, Aii was able to deliver that Yuno vibe effortlessly. Basically so as on the following ones. I believe that is what  happens when you cosplay a character you really love. A character you know too well, you can easily become her. Unless, you’re an actor, then that’s a different story.

“Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki is absolutely one of my favorite characters. From the moment I watched the series, I fell in love with her,” Aii En shared. Indeed, this pink-haired, love-drunk, “death-defier” girl is a one of the bunch of unique characters to ever exist in anime world. Which makes her interesting all the more.

While Yuno is different in her own way, there’s no denying that somehow most girls would relate to her at certain areas especially when it concerns the person she loves. I asked Aii why she chose to cosplay Yuno Gasai and her answer is one of that of a fangirl who relates to a character in a personal level minus the psycho thingy of course, or is it not, Aii? Haha. Kidding aside, the Yuno cosplayer said that she adores Yuno’s sweet character towards Yukiteru, however, once her beloved “Yuki” is threatened by anyone, she changes into a completely different person, a “dark, psychopathic, violent character,” according to Aii. She also mentioned that somehow she feels yandere-like as well (again, minus the killing and violence) at certain situations. Any more yandere fella out there? 🙂

Another favorite shot of mine is this one. This scene has so much similarity with that in the anime. I am not that sure with the food though and why Ron picked that dish to use in post-processing. Yes, the food is edited. If it not for the gravity defying food on the spoon, I would assume they had a nice lunch during the shoot if this is their kind of props. If I were Yukiteru though, I would feel tortured with all those veggies. But still, the live action feel is there.

“I trust and admire the owner’s passion and dedication towards his work,”  shared Aii on her collaboration with Royal Wonderland. Ron’s story-telling through pictures and his way of enhancing the already present on point aura of the cosplayers made him Aii En’s personal choice to work with in this project. And their photos show that she made the right choice.

Aii and Genesis’ perfect interpretation of their characters plus Ron’s talent in photography produced such great output that I can still say I have no regrets choosing Aii En in this blog feature’s debut. Above all, if one is truly passionate about one thing, it will standout no matter how grand or simple the project may be.

For more photos, click here.

Credits to:

Royal Wonderland for the photos

Copyright for Mirai Nikki

Be featured next! Comment below if you want your cosplays to be featured or knows someone you want. *u*

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Korean Cosmetics Overload

Generous is an understatement for the loots that I received as VIP Editor for the launch of Korean Beauty website yeppunonnie.com at Berjaya Hotel in Makati last October 29, 2016. I can totally skip my usual makeup store visit/window shopping for an entire year for the items that I got just by attending the event. For an average makeup person like me, that is.

#yeppunonnieph launch

These are the items that I got. Hush… it’s okay, I’m envious at myself too. I keep asking myself, WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS? I simply attended their event and I went home with these, FOR FREE. I must have helped an angel in disguise before or something, but nevertheless, I am very thankful to #YeppunOnniePH and #Smylee for giving me the opportunity to try all these brands. And the very rare opportunity to represent my own blog in an event. May God always bless such kind souls.

#YeppunOnniePH Loots

This unboxing is not really an actual unboxing because I have opened this box on the way home. Had I only known the humongous number of Korean cosmetics waiting for me underneath that box cover, I would have my then driver park somewhere so we can film my reaction. I almost said a curse word just to let the emotions out. ‘OMG’ would usually suffice but this time I am so overwhelmed, I needed a more… mature/tough word. I stopped mid-phrase though because I still can’t (and don’t want to) say WTF in words. Haha! But basically that’s how it went. I then made a quick look on each item. I squealed by the sight of the first eyeshadow because I never had an eyeshadow ever and I have been wanting one ever since. Not knowing that my eyeshadow fate has been written on 29th of October 2016 with not one but 3 eyeshadow palettes as my firsts.
And afterwards came all the other makeups that I have just been planning to get one by one each payday someday. The experience was like digging for gold in a pile of golds. I love each and every second of it.

To repay the generosity of #YeppunOnniePH and #Smylee, I will be updating this post for every item that I have reviewed so as to be able to help others in deciding which Korean makeup should they try. Stay tuned!

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#YeppunOnniePH: 5 days to go!

In five days, makeup shopping will never be the same again . Step-up your makeup hauls with Philippines’ upcoming biggest and hottest Korean makeup website: YeppunOnnie.PH

yeppunonnie.ph is a Korean beauty online shop that will cater anyone in the Philippines making it easier for Korean beauty enthusiasts or soon-to-be enthusiasts to explore different brands from Korea. From skincare to makeup, your beautiful (yeppun) sister (onnie) has them all!


Used to waiting long for pre-order items? You might have to get yourself ready this time because most of their items will be ready-to-ship! Of course we are all willing to wait for our pre-ordered beloved makeups but if it could arrive earlier, that would be awesome-r, right? YeppunOnnie.ph can cover that for you so you can enjoy more products and easily achieve that Korean beauty that you’ve always wanted.

If you’re not feeling the excitement yet, how about I tell you that your top beauty bloggers and Youtubers will be joining YeppunOnnie.PH in its upcoming launch. Anne Clutz, Jessica Godinez, Say Tioco and Gen-zel De las Alas to name a few. A handful of lucky beauty v/bloggers will be chosen to represent the brand too! Now, we’re talking. So stay tuned to more updates through the following hashtags:






Together, let us all welcome our pretty sister, the answer to our Kbeauty prayers, yeppunonnie.ph!

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Looking for a website host?

Had I not thought of updating the About section of this blog, I wouldn’t have realized that it has been almost six years when I first owned this domain. SIX LONG YEARS!

Blessed enough to have a generous, techie, domain-addict friend, I got my first ever domain for free. Imagine how many domains this friend has that she manages to give out some to someone like me — someone who knows nothing about the technicalities of blogging back then. Now, if getting a .info domain for free seem lucky to you already, know that I also got hosting assistance from the same person. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such benefit but I am grateful ever since.

This blog has become a huge help to me as well when it comes to simply sharing my thoughts to having an outlet for my unbearable emotions and for extra income too. All because sometime in 2011, a benevolent girl named Nadine shared this blessing of a domain to me.

Nadine runs a lot of blogs in the WWW that I’d offer both my hands to help you count. Each blog has their own domain and own niche. Owning one is already a big task for me, imagine owning 2 or more? Talk about blogginggeekiness! I guess what really brought her to creating all those blogs is that she really loves what she’s doing. In fact, she even have her own web hosting business called Oh Rainbow where she provides website hosting at a very affordable price. Shall your domain experience being under her care, you wouldn’t think that a cutie,a artsy-crafty girl is the one behind those technical web hosting updates. Customer service is very professionally held.

Like what I said on my About page, I have little (almost negligible) idea about blogging when I received this domain. Back then I just thought that having a .info in my blog’s URL looks cool and pro that’s why I accepted it. Nadine, apparently have expected my ignorance in this aspect, didn’t even have to ask if I want to be included in her personal hosting business. She simply included me, gave my website hosting for free! Yes, and yet again.

From time to time I would encounter difficulties in maintaining my blog/website and I cannot remember any instance that Nadine failed to assist me. I will forever be thankful to have a friend and an I.T. consultant in one.

Her blogging website somehow has become her personal blog also but as I’ve read, she’s planning to write more about web hosting in it. Yes, and yet another niche.

Click here to go to Oh Rainow~! 🙂

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LDF Musings: PH to JP

Fangirling lead us to each other during our college days. Willing rivals turned sisters from different parents. It wasn’t at all hard being friends with someone as nice as Charmaine though. And I’m thankful that despite us both being introverts, we managed to click and be each other’s extrovert.

We met and built our friendship here in the Philippines but Charmaine is in Japan right now so we sort of call what we have as LDF, short for Long Distance Frienship. Hehe.

I am starting my LDF Musings portion here in my blog because we’ve been apart for too long but I realized we got closer this time because we get to talk about more mature matters online. I want to share here some things that I know can help not just me but also other people who experience the same circumstances as me and Charmaine. Hoping that the both of us can learn through the process as well.

Charmaine will be staying in Japan until 2018 so here’s to more self-improvement from PH to JP through LDF Musings! 🙂

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Dancing to the rhythm of new beginnings

Been feeling like a novation launchpad lately. With all the new stuff that’s happening around me in my new job, I really can’t help but just go and enjoy the rhythm that it makes. I may not have mentioned it yet, but I have a new job now in a design company in Ortigas. Yes, brave girl, I know. The Ortigas traffic battle is only one of the challenges for me in this new endeavor but it’s one of the dozens that I am willing to take on if it means growing in my dream company.

By the way, since I already mentioned it, I referenced my experience from this musical instrument called novation launchpad. Because why not? With its colorful interface and the diversity of music that it produces, it definitely shows an entirely different and exciting start of a new journey. Check it out! 🙂

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🌈 fly back to top