I miss the blogger me

From time to time, I would scan through this blog and unconsciously as I reach the oldest of its pages, I come to realize that I’ve lost that I miss the blogger in me. Sad how I lost her. I let procrastination win. My ideas stored as memories in my head, never written, untold.

Now, I want to take her back. And this post, hopefully, along with the realization will be enough to restore the fire that I once had at writing. Paid posts, yes, they help me a lot. I am very thankful that I am still being given the chance to earn through it but more than that, I want to write about my life. From the most random to greatest milestones, I want them written down here in my blog, which used to be my companion before.

Truly, one has to have a great mentor or an inspiration at least. Aside from my old posts, I am being inspired by my friends who still continue to write with passion. I always visit blogs of different niches and be delighted as to how they were able to produce such contents almost everyday. Or as long as a something new and interesting come their way. Nadine’s Nendoroid blog is one of those. 🙂

I want to come back. I badly want to come back to blogging. I hope you could share your blogger inspirations too, or blogging tips perhaps to give me a boost? Many thanks!

Back from vacayy~~

Hello everyone! Summer is over, I think. Been raining here in the past few days but thankfully no signs of heavy storms yet. My friends and I planned on going swimming but as usual, it didn’t push through because our scheds won’t meet. However, I still somehow managed to take a short vacation when I accompanied my friend on her gig last week.

That’s the good thing about having musician friends, you get to go to gigs and feel VIP. Hihi. Along the way, I always hear her and her other musician friends talk about Fender Used Stratocasters. They all seem to be interested in it.

We went home filled with happy memories again. Yay!

How’s your vacation?

“Well, goodmorning!” says my fangirl self

*smile emoticon* because I literally am smiling as I am writing this one.

I don’t know why but I’m really excited to blog at this very moment. I am writing spontaneously by the way, since I really just wanted to let these feelings out. Ah! Why is it so hard to spazz on a blog post than on Facebook where I can smash the keyboards any way I want!!

Okay… Let me just… compose myself…. Ahhh! Screw keeping calm. Just who am I kidding with this ongoing video while writing!!?? Haha.

 photo ss_zps4nm6doxi.jpg

Alright!!! Let’s proceed. A blog post is still a blog post so I’ll try my best to stay sane and actually give this post the sense it deserves.

Well, based on the screenshot above, I guess you already know where this post is going but still, let me take you there. My way. 😀

A few friends know me as a KPop fan, Super Junior (ELF) fan in specific. I am not really a multi-fandom person at all but I adore Korean artists because of their overflowing passion to entertain and their world-class craft.

I used to watch Korean dramas as well before when I still have so much time in my hands. Full House, Boys over Flowers, The Innocent Man to name a few. But lately, I am not even watching Filipino soaps or anything. I guess adulting is hitting me little by little now.

Well, all hail the Internet I got back on my usual track. Or at least I’m being updated with what’s new now.

 photo descendants-of-the-sun2-800x450_zpszh6unfcg.jpg

Source: http://www.soompi.com/2016/02/17/descendants-of-the-sun-reveals-individual-character-posters-and-descriptions/

Thanks to the Internet really because I almost let go of the opportunity to discover a great drama such as Descendants of the Sun which have been flooding on my Facebook Newsfeed for the past weeks that I decided to take a look on its plot. Much to my amusement, this one indeed has something interestingly different to offer. Plus, Song Joong Ki of course. 😉

 photo tumblr_o4b8q8KJ4h1u2r065o1_500_zpslctv9wkv.png

(c) owner

I know, I know!!! Song Joong Ki is one of those Koreans whose parents must be gods or something. Perfect creature. I KNOW RIGHT!

So, one hot Sunday afternoon in the Philippines, as our TV’s remote control was lying fly across the living room, and I bored, I took it and with nothing else to watch, turned the channel to KBS World. You guessed it right. Descendants of the Sun is on air that time! Now, if that wasn’t destiny, I don’t know what is. During that time, I have no idea yet that my fangirl self is about to be awakened.

Lucky and selfish, I watched the whole marathon of Descendants of the Sun from the episode I came across it until the last one on TV that time. Turned out I started at episode 2 so I just streamed episode 1 online. Didn’t even hurt at all.

As this drama was slowly injects itself into every fiber of my being, Song Joong Ki, whom I’ve loved since Innocent Man also slowly blurs from view. Focusing my heart’s vision to Seo Dae Young, Jin Goo’s character on the series.

 photo biasa-judes-kim-ji-won-tangguh-di-descendant-of-the-sun_zpslfeaz11h.jpg

Source: http://forums.soompi.com/

And that, my fangirl friends, is what this post is mainly about. Aaahh~~

I find Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Joo’s romance really ~i can’t put into words~ uhmm… relateable? Maybe… And you can skip this part because I’ll just be blabbering how I can see my boyfriend in Jin Goo’s aura and I, self-proclaims to see myself Ji Won’s character of course because why not. Hehe. I really ship them so hard they must have hit the iceberg that sank Titanic and got pass through it.

 photo photo702683_zpsf5nhblen.jpg

(c) Kim Ji Won’s instagram @geewonii

There, I am actually really calmer now. Haha. Little did I notice, I am following every ship accounts of JinGooxJiWon on social media and watching every fanmade videos of their Descendants clips.

I love them both so much but I love Jin Goo more.

 photo CcXvR1_UUAAn8F-_zpskch5ewx8.jpg

(c) owner

I love Jin Goo so much that I made a Facebook fanpage for him. *runs away* Hahaha! This is so not me but I can’t help it. I was searching for Jin Goo PH page but there’s none. There’s Kim Ji Won Philippines so I figured why not make a PH fanpage for dear Jin Goo too, right?

So there, my fangirl self says “Goodmorning!” because after a long, sound sleep, it officially awakens. For Jin Goo. <3


Jin Goo Philippines is the first fanmade page that I’ll be managing and I know nothing on how to start or what to post. I really hope I get to meet people to help me maintain this page and spread the love for Jin Goo from the Philippines. <3

Adam Young



Adam Young (born July 5, 1986) is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer and the founder of the synthpop band Owl City. He has also fronted numerous other musical projects, including Sky Sailing and Port Blue.


Adam Randal Young originally began creating music in his parents’ basement while suffering from insomnia, giving him the inspiration to begin writing his own version of music, while working loading trucks for UPS in Owatonna, Minnesota.Under the name Owl City, he developed a MySpace following and self-released two albums. His second album Maybe I’m Dreaming, released in 2008, reached #20 on the Billboard Electronic Albums Chart, despite not having been released by a major record company. His debut album Of June, released the year before, peaked at #16 on the same chart. In 2009, Young signed a deal with the record company Universal Republic. He has stated that he is a committed Christian.

courtesy of Wikipedia.org


He has captured my heart with his every songs and I can say that I already love him. 🙂


He is also my inspiration in creating a WordPress blog. So yeah, thanks Sir Adam Young.


Official Website

Official Blog

Owl City




This used to be a page on this blog. I decided to just make it a post since I’ll be trying to make this blog more organized with categories and stuff. Still, Adam Young is a great influence for me in writing blogs. I can’t thank God enough for this man’s existence.

Wishlist: DIY Vanity Table

As I started working, I started collecting makeup to make myself look more presentable and professional at the same time. I use makeups during cosplays but mostly, my cosplay makeup stuff are for colored eyebrows, vibrant eyeshadows, concealer for brows and heavy foundations. Those are very much inappropriate for work. Hence, little by little I started my makeup collection.

Photo from brusheezy.com

Photo from brusheezy.com

As of now, I have decent foundation brushes and eyebrow brushes. I have a few liquid foundations too and setting powders. Learning makeup is really fun especially when trying out new hauls.

I’ve been enjoying collecting makeup for a while now that my pouch is overflowing with them. That’s when I decided to look for a vanity table. Upon searching I already fell  in love with some but of course there’s a price that I have to pay. And that price is not as affordable as foundations and brushes. So I decided to search for DIY vanity tables and saw some great ideas.

Photo from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/105482816251754276/

Photo from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/105482816251754276/

You can also view more here: https://www.pinterest.com/K1829485471/01~-vanity-makeup-table-jewelry-organization/

I’m really excited to purchase materials and stuff like 3 foot drawer slides to start with this project. Hopefully I will succeed! 🙂

Any makeup organizing ideas you want to share? Comment them down! 🙂

Hodge Podge turns 4!

Established March 20, 2012 and already being the first, Hodge Podge stood firm to its claim that they are the ORIGINAL one-stop shop for bottlecap accessories in the Philippines.

Photo from facebook.com/heyhodgepodge

(c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page

Now it’s 2016, I was looking back on my blog for my first ever Hodge Podge purchase and I found out that it was the same year as Hodge Podge was founded! Necklaces for me and my friends were my first ever Hodge Podge items. I remember encountering some miscommunication then that I received an item which I didn’t order but was immediately settled as I informed them about it. I even got the mistaken item for free as compensation. I can still remember, a short letter of apology was also included on the shipment of my then actual order which I found really thoughtful considering they’ve already compensated the item plus, shipping fee was on them. Also, it was not that big of a damage at all too but they still took time to ensure me that it won’t happen again. I admired the costumer service, their shop in general, since then.

Bottlecap Queen. Claiming it heart emoticon (c) Gel's Facebook Profile

Bottlecap Queen. Claiming it heart emoticon
(c) Gel’s Facebook Profile

Reading my blog post regarding my first Hodge Podge order, I also found out that I used to call the owner Ate Gel. Hihi. I wonder when did I start calling by her name only. Hi Ate Gel! 😀


Screenshot from Hodge Podge Facebook Page

I really fell in love with my L Lawliet necklace that I wear it everyday at school then. What I love about it is that it can match any school outfit that I wear. Hence, judging by the search results on my blog, I almost joined all of online giveaways with Hodge Podge accessories as prizes.

Photo from my blogpost: http://princessdiaries.info/unexpected-gift/

Photo from my blogpost: http://princessdiaries.info/unexpected-gift/

Four long years have passed, Hodge Podge has been growing with more products and collaborations. They have their products sold at different shops too. This makes me proud that I was able to “watch them grow in beauty” both figuratively and literally. Their designs are becoming more diverse and vary from fandoms to personalized stuff, motivational quotes, anime, literature, I can’t even name all. 🙂

"Want to save on shipping costs? Hodge Podge keychains/bag tags are now available at Kramer : Toy Warden, UP Town Center! grin emoticon 3rd floor beside Digital Walker! Our items are right by the entrance! Limited stocks only so swing by ASAP!" (c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page

“Want to save on shipping costs? Hodge Podge keychains/bag tags are now available at Kramer : Toy Warden, UP Town Center! grin emoticon 3rd floor beside Digital Walker!
Our items are right by the entrance! Limited stocks only so swing by ASAP!”
(c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page

Let me just include the links from their Facebook page:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/heyhodgepodge/

Designs availablehttp://bit.ly/HodgePodgeDesigns (see WAVE albums) – link doesn’t work via mobile browsing

Sample accessories: http://bit.ly/HodgePodgeSampleAccessories (price list found on the album description)

Sample add-on charms: http://bit.ly/HodgePodgeCharms

Combined Hodge Podge Facebook profile pictures since 2012. (c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page

Combined Hodge Podge Facebook profile pictures since 2012. (c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page

Knowing Hodge Podge for years, I’ve observed  that they’re always being generous to their followers. I myself have experienced their generosity for a couple of times. Back then, when blog giveaways include simple stuff yet, they sponsor the hosts with assorted items. Nowadays, they give discounts on conventions and conduct giveaways too from time to time.



I am writing this actually not just to greet them a Happy Birthday but also to share their ongoing birthday giveaway. The prizes are much more exciting this time because, of course, it’s their birthday! Having second thoughts? Along with their bottlecap accessories, they’re also giving away a Harry Potter Funko Pop and Cardcaptor Sakura necklaces… and more!! Thinking twice still? You just have to follow very simple steps and you’re in! Check out this link for the complete details

Hodge Podge 4th Birthday Giveaway

On most days, I'm juggling a whole lot of things including work and of course, Hodge Podge. But at the end of it all, one thing's for sure... I feel extremely blessed and grateful for each day despite the "stress" (c) Gel's Facebook profile

On most days, I’m juggling a whole lot of things including work and of course, Hodge Podge. But at the end of it all, one thing’s for sure… I feel extremely blessed and grateful for each day despite the “stress”
(c) Gel’s Facebook profile

Humility, pure hardwork and dedication. That’s how I can describe what lead Hodge Podge to where it is now. Four years is a really long time to maintain a business, talk about specialty products even. I believe there are challenges along those four years but Hodge Podge is still here, reaching out to more people. Serving clients from all-over the world with their one of a kind bottlecap accessories. And I know most of us wish them more years to come. So we can have more of what they can offer. I personally wish that they won’t lose that passion and creativity in producing more designs and variety of accessories. More projects especially kawaii-ness! 🙂

Happy 4th birthday Hodge Podge!


One of my greatest dreams is to be able to learn how to play the bass guitar on any anime song and play it on a convention.

Photo not mine. Credits to owner

Photo not mine. Credits to owner

I find bass guitars really hard to use and a bit tiring just by the looks of it though I haven’t actually tried playing one. A bass tuner also interests me. If ever I’ll be owning one, I’d want a Korg GA-1 Guitar and Bass Tuner of course! 🙂

Cosplay Carnival 2016 Review


My first cosplay for 2016 isn’t much that enjoyable mainly because of the location. Wondering where? SM Megamall. Wondering no more? I understand. But I enjoyed being with my friends then. It’s the cosplaying that felt boring since cosplaying at Megamall now feels like being watched all the time and by being watched, I mean the disturbing kind of watched since yeah we cosplay to enjoy and be recognized of course.

Cosplay Carnival 2016 photo by Abegail Layosa
So my interrupted excitement to cosplay intensified as my friends invited me to attend Cosplay Carnival 2016. We used to cosplay as a group before when we were still starting but as we gain experience, we tried cosplaying other characters may it be on a group or solo. This time, I have no original plans of attending and Clarence and Donna both have made their respective plans already so I thought of a character whom I loved that is easy to cosplay.



Photo credits:
Left – Ron Dela Cruz of Royal Wonderland; https://www.facebook.com/royalwonderland2014/
Right – Shokugeki No Soma Anime

Actually I needed not to think much. With my brown clip-on type wig, a lab coat and brown school shoes, I decided on cosplaying another Shokugeki no Soma character. A 74th Generation Tōtsuki Academy Alumnus and a former resident of the Polar Star Dormitory, the Spice Expert, Jun Shiomi.

With the help of Kenneth and his mom, we completed the costume. A borrowed round eyeglasses from my bestfriend, Clarence, aided the Jun in me see clearly.

We went on the 2nd day of the event after lunch. February 21, 2016. Location this time is SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia. I already did my makeup on the way so I finished dressing up at around 1pm. Kenneth and I went inside the hall to start roaming around while Clarence prep on being Mio Akiyama.

And on this part only will the review start. Haha.


12234914_10205820820426728_1005507864977054771_nTicket: 4/5 for  200php

Pricing is okay. It’s my first time to attend Cosplay Carnival but I’ve attended other conventions at SMX before and 200php is the usual price for the tix so…okay. Also, since it’s my first time, I expected less so as not to be disappointed that much as to where my money goes. So overall, the ticket price is justifiable.

Additional comment, I like to finally have to get hold on a decent cosplay event ticket since lately, con tickets come from cheap entry passes to random stamps or invisible stamps that glow on LED lights which I find still boring since I keep tickets as remembrance.

Location: 5/5 for SMX Convention – MOA, Pasay City

Honestly, I can say that I’ve had a great experience on this convention because of the venue, exactly the same reason as to why I felt bored on the previous con. Could it be that I’ve been cosplaying at Megamall for so long that I missed the kind of freedom and freshness that the welcoming hall of SMX presents? Maybe. Too bad that it has become a privilege than a right. Well… still thanks to SMX for not robbing us of that.

Cosplay Carnival occupied Function Hall 4. With other ongoing events on the other halls, upstairs and below, I appreciate how nice and accommodating the staff still are. Most of them, though looking tired already still welcomes inquiry with politeness.

The space is big enough for cosplayers not to squeez in each other while roaming around. Shops are neatly placed in the middle and some are lined on the sides. Food station is very easy to spot too which is great.


Bathroom – 3/5

I’m not sure if the assigned bathroom for cosplayers are really on the basement parking lot but as I was putting on my contact lens on the CR on the Ground Floor, we were told that cosplayers are to do their preppin’ on the basement. The staff though was still so kind to let us finish at least what we’ve been doing at the moment like putting on a wig or in my case, my contact lenses before finally giving a last call telling us to transfer to the CR below.

The guard on the elevator has a welcoming aura as well as we ask him for directions.

We’ve reached the basement and just followed the first group of cosplayers in front of us. We cannot see the CR yet but I’m sweating already since the place is so cramped with cars and all and of course, no aircon. When we finally spotted it, there were already cosplayers doing their own businesses even outside the bathroom. A line was formed in front of a closed door with the “FEMALE” word on it. I asked the utility in-charged if there’re cubicles inside to which she answered, “Isa lang po.” So I decided to do my makeup and wear my wig outside just like the others.

It was good thing I’m already wearing Jun’s shirt and jogging pants. Fortunately for me but for those whose costumes are more complicated, I hope there’d be at least a changing room enough to fit 2-3 persons at a time.

Function Hall – 5/5

I’m not really sure if Cosplay Carnival 2016 was held at Function Hall 4 alone or Halls 4 and 5. Nevertheless, the entire event was well-held at SMX’s function hall. I also loved that a reasonably spaced area was provided for cosplayers to have a shoot or even rest just outside the hall. Shops and attractions were properly placed inside where cosplayers and congoers can roam around with ease.


For rent Lockers – 5/5

Not all event organizers consider this that’s why I am really amazed that for rent lockers were provided during the Cosplay Carnival 2016. Cosplayers bring a lot of stuff especially bags which after dressing up won’t look good paired in our costume. Though we’re used to bringing them even if in costume (since we don’t have a choice but to), secured lockers really are a great help for us.

12801173_10205820827626908_1968763017511258676_nBonus: indoor Cherry Blossom tree 

I just fell inlove with this decor. I mean, one reason that I want to go to Japan is to witness the beauty of cherry blossoms with my own eyes. Seeing something similar suffices for now. It has also become a great photo op spot for most of the congoers.


12803052_10205820826786887_426251291421829534_nProgram: Overall 5/5

I won’t elaborate in this part since I was mostly roaming around or outside taking photos. I am rating the Cosplay Carnival 2016 a perfect score because I found their hosts quirky enough not to sound irritating or trying hard. The cosplay contest also was very organized seeing the contestants gathered in one area where people can have photo ops with them while waiting for the contest to start. Karaoke Contest was also enjoyable because of the surprise songs. I regret not being able to join Yoshinoya’s contest though. Huhu. Nest time I’ll try not be shy and just join any contest. 🙂


That’s it! Thank you for reading. 🙂

DIY: Bath salt container

Putting this here since I personally found it helpful though it’s not that innovative really. Haha!

So I used to be religiously applying A Bonne Spa Milk Salt on my body every after bath when I was still a site engineer. This product really makes my skin feel softer and smooth with every use. But the time came that I have to hurry to work because traffic is really not helping in my everyday transportation hence, I scratched using this bath salt from my daily bath regimen to save time. Since I find it time consuming because I let the salt set for about 3-5 minutes. Add to it the unnecessary amount of salt that comes out of its container that I sometimes had to put back which takes even more time.

But I miss the softness of my skin whenever I am using A Bonne Spa Milk Salt so after weeks of not using it, I figured out a way to have it squeezed back in my daily bath regimen again.

This one’s very simple and you can probably think of a better way, if you happen to do, please share it to me too! 🙂

So here’s what I did.

 photo DSC_1317_zps5bc6kpkc.jpg

I gathered the following:
A Bonne Spa Milk Salt
a pair of scissors
empty baby powder bottle

Easy-breezy steps:
1. Remove baby powder residue from the bottle.
 photo DSC_1316_zpsiixld2rb.jpg
2. Cut the A Bonne Spa Milk Salt pack open.
 photo DSC_1318_zpscxgyxkss.jpg
3. Using the funnel, transfer the A Bonne Spa Milk Salt at the baby powder bottle.
 photo DSC_1321_zpsi6vsdkpt.jpg
4. Enlarge the holes on the bottle opening to make way for the bath salt since the bath salt are denser than baby powder. (Sorry for the messy table. Haha)
 photo DSC_1323_zpsvxp9gjab.jpg

That’s it!

I know, a fifth grader can do better but hey, I just used what’s available at that exact moment when I really wanted to make use of my bath salt again and came up with this.

I am able to use my bath salt again without spending too much time because the amount that comes out from the bottle is just enough and I can modulate like how I use baby powder. So hurray! 🙂

Again if you have other ideas, please share it on the comments. 🙂